ODD DIMENSION: guarda il video di ‘Escape to Blue Planet’

ODD DIMENSION: guarda il video di ‘Escape to Blue Planet’

E’ disponibile il video del nuovo singolo degli ODD DIMENSION che anticipa l’uscita del nuovo album ‘The Blue Dawn’ prevista per il 26 Marzo 2021 per Scarlet Records.

Ecco quanto dichiarato dalla band stessa:
<<‘Escape To Blue Planet’ is a song that well represents the mood, the sounds and the dynamic range we wanted to express with this album, from intimate atmospheres to powerful progressive rhythmic figures. We wanted to literally host the listener in our musical dimension! This new chapter of the story tells about the escape of the two main characters Markus and Eloise from their homeland Axtradel to an unknown planet they see far away from their spaceship in a shining blue, destined to become the homeland of their newborn sons.
To do this they leave their mission, and as The Ruler says in the mid part of the song, they will eternally pay the price for this action. We are very excited to release this first official video anticipating this album and we can’t wait for the whole album release on March 26th! ‘The Blue Dawn’ is an intriguing existential Sci-Fi concept-album in the vein of RUSH ‘s ‘2112’, which is beautifully portrayed by the cover artwork of none other than renowned artist Gustavo Sazes (Angra, DGM , Firewind , James Labrie)>>

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