ATREYU: il cantante Alex Varkatzas lascia la band

ATREYU: il cantante Alex Varkatzas lascia la band

Alex Varkatzas cantante degli ATREYU ha lasciato la band, lo ha annunciato a Lambgoat ma attendiamo notizie ufficiali dalla band. Pare che il cantante abbia avuto problemi con i suoi compagni tanto che ha smesso di seguirli sui social.

Ieri Varkatzas ha condiviso su Instagram una foto che lo ritrae con la figlia Sophia Jean:

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World! Meet Sophia Jean Varkatzas. My darling girl. Life has ruthlessly been taking from me lately . 2019thru2020 has done its best to destroy me. Testing me to my mental limits. The horrible , fake people and things that have exited my life this year have been replaced by something so pure and sweet. It feels like a new start. It’s all possible because @hollie_varkatzas is a superstar. I know one or two people who make some pretty lame/tacky/transparent wife appreciation posts trying to sell an altered version of the truth. It has always seemed so forced it turned me off to it. Years ago my man @josemangin explained it to me in a way that made sense(thanks man). So let me tell you hollie is the real deal. In world full of fake and insincere she is true and steadfast. I love her. Our children are so lucky to have her as the QB . I’m just the running back. (Well i don’t even watch football so?) have a great day. Be true and sincere and follow your heart . I love my family.

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