Caronte: ascolta in stream 'Temple Of Eagles', anticipazione dal nuovo album!

La band doom metal voodoo parmigiana, Caronte, ha rilasciato per l’ascolto in stream il brano ‘Temple Of Eagles’, anticipazione dal nuovo album. Potete ascoltarlo dal lettore sottostante.

‘Temple Of The Eagles’ è un brano di anticipazione tratto dal secondo album dei Caronte, ‘Church Of Shamanic Goetia’, disponibile dal prossimo 31 Ottobre per Van Records.

Di seguito le lyrics di ‘Temple Of Eagles’:

  • Along the left hand’s path
    I climb through the wormhole
    every man has the cosmos within
    I’ll keep on expanding – to – reconnect with itwith my love, mind and faith
    Before the dreamers’s gates
    I saw the heart of the world
    next to these flames I belong
    (i )inhaleOuroboros
    wraps around my soul
    while I’m kissing you I get lost
    inside the sacred cross
    a smell of sulphur from the depths
    i was flying towards the sun, i’m back from the deadi’m the eagle in the six sided temple
    the six sides of the gods
    graced by 777 feathers
    Along the left hand’s path
    Fly into the Cabala TEMPLE OF EAGLES
    become the sun TEMPLE OF EAGLES
    Where I keep my force TEMPLE OF EAGLES
    Your lips will bleed TEMPLE OF EAGLES
    The fire and the incense are keeping the spirits away,
    music as loud as my pain
    The stones outline the circle while our cores re-unite
    brother, stand up and spread your wings
    Fly above the desert, reach infinity
    re-join the ancestors,
    learning from the masters
    The force of nature pulses, deep in the hole
    erect before the light conquering all
    I reach the pleasure,
    Eternal reward for my will
    I will wander to foreign lands, and hills
    ‘n with the power of my spirits
    nothing will stop me and I’ll be thunder and lightning

Evocation of:
Astaroth – Belial – Amon – Marax – Ronove – Sabnock – Oriax – Andrealphus – Halphas – Malphas

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